Five Writing Websites For College Students

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There are many writing sites designed to assist students at college to write better. A majority of these websites provide free services while others require a fee for the services they provide. Google Docs, for example is an online program that allows several students to work within the same document. Changes are saved automatically and you will not get any lost information. And once you finish the assignment, you’ll be able to easily share it with professors as well as your friends.


EssayPro’s process for writing is swift and simple. The team behind this website can help you meet your deadline. The writer you choose to work with can be reached through email or by phone. In addition, you’ll receive updates regarding the progress of your purchase. Once you’ve completed your order, you’re able to make your payment and download your dissertation. If you’re not satisfied with your final product, you can always seek revisions or an entire reimbursement.

The pricing of EssayPro is reasonable and versatile. Prices at EssayPro can be discussed between you and the writer, which is a departure from other websites that write essays. Therefore, you will be able to locate an expert who is well-versed in this field and has an excellent essay style and who works within the budget you have set. EssayPro offers an excellent solution for students in college looking for essays at a reasonable price.

EssayPro is a top customer service record. The site’s writers are experienced and will make sure that the assignment is up to the most rigorous academic requirements. This service is evaluated at 4.9 stars with high rate of satisfaction with its customers. Its writers are professional and respect deadlines.


A writing site can assist students to write essays. There are a lot of professors and instructors who assign essay papers, it’s no reason why students spend more time composing similar pieces. WriteMyEssay isn’t like other sites for writing, which require the payment in advance. Instead, they prefer to establish relationships with their clients on the basis of confidence. Site’s homepage is easy to navigate, and includes a price calculator.

WriteMyEssay provides editing as well as proofreading services. The cost for these services is affordable starting at only $9 per page (although this may increase with the time), it’s affordable. Additionally, the service permits unlimited revisions which is very helpful when deadlines are short.

The most notable feature of WriteMyEssay is the option to choose your writer. Professional writers are working with you on any type of assignment. They will be able to write your essay about any subject, and at a reasonable fee.


SpeedyPaper can assist you if your thesis or essay does not seem to be working. Professional writers from the company have vast knowledge and skills in analytical thinking, which means they’re able to handle any topic. In addition, they’re acquainted with the style of writing of your college or university. SpeedyPaper ensures security and security. SpeedyPaper provides 100% privacy, meaning that nobody can see your personal data.

SpeedyPaper is also able to provide high-quality editing and proofreading. They’ll be looking for mistakes and assist you in improving your sentence flow as well as your vocabulary and tone. They also fix citation and reference issues. SpeedyPaper also provides assistance with problem solving. The writers at SpeedyPaper can assist in the development of an outline, and identify possible solutions. Then, they will analyze the connections between variables.

SpeedyPaper is well-known for delivering high-quality, fast works and also ensuring it is delivered on the deadline. It hires individuals with many academic backgrounds, to create documents that are completely original and non-plagiarized. SpeedyPaper offers high client satisfaction ratingsas well as author testimonials that have been positive from the past clients.


Coggle is a writing website that assists college students to create mind maps and brainstorm ideas. It is easy to use and offers a user-friendly interface. Students are also able to collaborate on ideas and ideas with their peers. You can also add images as well as links to the site.

The site also permits users to interact with members of their group through the creation of mind maps. Mind maps are stored in the cloud, so they’re accessible on all platforms. The users can edit them indefinitely without running out of storage space. This is an excellent opportunity to think of new ideas. The free version of Coggle allows users to build 3 separate mind maps. But, you are able to pay for unlimited access. Paid versions also include more shapes as well as additional formatting options.

Another interesting feature of Coggle is the concept mapping function. Users are able to share mind maps with colleagues, and it allows users to edit their branches in a single session. Changes are saved automatically. Users can include hyperlinks, images and icons. They can also cross-link their documents to other items in their mind maps.


NaNoWriMo, a month-long writing competition, concentrates only on one book. The event has grown to become an affluent year-round event for writers, and is often referred as “the most challenging writing contest worldwide.” But writing 50,000 words in one month can be an intimidating task, especially for students in college. They may be busy and have a difficult time writing. Thankfully, there are many writing websites for college students to aid them in succeeding.

NaNoWriMo may be accomplished by a variety of ways. Sign up online first. After you have registered online, you’re now able to begin writing. There’s even the option of posting an excerpt or synopsis to the NaNoWriMo website. Meet similar NaNoWriMo Participants, Post your writing progress, and network with other writers. The deadline to finish the project is November 30.

It is also possible to join NaNoWriMo in a way by meeting fellow writers from around the world. Certain websites organize events that assist people in the writing process. NaNoWriMo hosts “Come Write In” events across the nation. The purpose of these events is for writers to be encouraged to write together.


The StoryJumper website encourages children to write and narrate stories within a fun and creative setting. The website has been designed for collaboration among students and to improve writing and pronunciation abilities. Teachers may also utilize this website to analyze student’s activities and to encourage the spirit of collaboration. StoryJumper offers its own unique learning process, but it is extremely engaging and motivating.

StoryJumper lets teachers create classes and then assign students. Teachers may find templates and seek assistance from teachers who aren’t. Teachers can use the website to designate “lead” teacher. Teachers are also able to take advantage of the StoryJumper “write-a-thon” school fundraising campaign. Parents and friends can contribute to children’s stories and earn their own copy.

Apart from creating story books, Storyjumper allows users to add text, scenes, and props. It is possible to upload pictures from your computer, or search for them on the internet. Storyjumper can also allow users to voice their stories. The feature can be accessed in the “Add Voice” tab.


Students are able to save time and benefit from using Trello sentence correction checker to help them organize their tasks. Not only does it make it simple to manage every board, but Trello is also completely free to download and use. Additionally, it offers many features cannot be found in other platforms.

Trello can be utilized to collaborate with students. It allows you to keep on top of due dates and delegate responsibilities to tasks. It makes it easy to make lists, add multimedia, and assign deadline dates. Additionally, you can track your progress remotely. This is an excellent device for both teachers and students trying to remain organized and to avoid procrastination.

Trello lets you connect with students via the sharing of notes and files. Trello allows you to create a collaborative environment and share ideas with your peers. Additionally, you can add items or checklists. You can also sync your calendar to Trello, making it easier for you to track deadlines. The app also includes iOS and Android apps.

The use of Trello for planning projects is an excellent option to manage your work. Trello is a project management software that allows you to set up Kanban boards which show whom is responsible for which assignments. This software is totally cost-free and could be used for organizing your activities. There are many other uses of this tool like classroom management, the planning of lessons.

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