5 Ways To Make Work Friends When Working Remotely

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London is an incredible city and there is so much to see and explore. Sharing a common space with others is of utmost importance. When I relocated to Italy, a local language and culture class was a daily and weekly shared space which was important in connecting me to the language and culture. There were people with various backgrounds with a myriad of reasons for relocating. Overall, this common space was important in fostering friendships in a new community. I’m great at striking up a friendly and meaninful conversation, but find it challenging to take small talk to the friendship stage. Would love tips, advice, and anecdotal experiences in navigating how to turn small talk into a friendship.

In fact, 95% of respondents said that having a friend at work makes them feel happier. 76% indicated work friends make them more creative, and 74% said they help them be more productive. Apps and social media are usually the very antithesis of getting out into the world. But if you use these platforms with deliberate intent, they can provide unbeatable ways to meet new people. If you’re looking for something more structured in terms https://remotemode.net/ of both your surroundings and routine, joining a co-working space will often provide you with an environment where you can quickly meet new friends. By attending these events, you’ll gradually become part of the local community and discover how easily a common interest can spark conversation. Think, for example, how easy it would be to meet people if you spent a few hours a day working in your local café, library or park.

Final Thoughts About Making Friends In A New City

Regular face-to-face meetings are a way to promote collaboration—and foster friendships. When working on a group project, consider getting together in person, even though it means getting dressed, getting out of the house and getting in your car or on public transportation. That extra effort to be in the same physical space may pay off by helping generate real relationships. It teaches you about which co-workers will have a margarita at lunch on a Friday and which will just stay at their desk and eat a sandwich. While these days hybrid work is heavily scheduled, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pepper a bit of excitement into your workday, even if you have to plan it out. It’s entirely possible that you’re spending up to five hours a day on your work’s Slack or Teams chat, but you’re feeling more disconnected than ever.

Making Friends If You Work Remotely

The general sociology of friendship still applies to the alien world that is the office. Theorists have inferred that friendships can be forged due to literal closeness. Is making a few new friends at work a solution to this loneliness problem?

How To Make Work Friends When You Work Remotely

Small acts of kindness can also go a long way and help get you noticed in the workplace. For example, you could bring in cupcakes for your team or volunteer to do the dreaded Monday-morning coffee run. Every boss will like that research finding—and here’s another one. A Gallup study found that remote employees with work friendships were more fulfilled, more loyal, and less likely to seek work elsewhere. But if you’re the new guy or gal on staff, a remote workplace might seem challenging at first. You can’t rely on the convenience of casual office interactions to help you develop relationships with co-workers.

  • As we were all new to Porto, we explored the city together.
  • This is one of the biggest challenges of making friends as an adult working remotely.
  • To do this, I challenge myself to chat with at least two people each day when I work from a crowded coffee shop; so far, I’ve made friends with a yoga teacher, fellow writer, and design consultant.
  • Another study found that when people answered a series of intimate questions, they felt closer afterward.
  • Every boss will like that research finding—and here’s another one.
  • Concerts tend to be difficult places to meet new people because it’s hard to talk over the music and make a connection.

We build friendships by seeing the person over and over again. This is one of the biggest challenges of making friends as an adult working remotely. You may meet someone new, but when you’re not in person, you lose out on seeing that person over and over again to reinforce and build the relationship. Depending on how long you’re staying in a new place, local charities and nonprofits may offer opportunities to volunteer for weeks at a time. Digital nomads sometimes earn a bad rep for not trying to assimilate and get to know locals, this is the perfect way to make local connections from the start. It may require knowledge of the local language to get your foot in the door, but the opportunities to meet others with common interests while helping a great cause is worth it. Chances are if you’re a remote professional who travels often , you’ve built an informal network of acquaintances.

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Use social media tools like Instagram and Twitter to see what people in your field or work focus are doing. If there are shared interests or values, I find people are always willing to meet for a coffee and exchange ideas. Search hashtags by the city you’re in or #digitalnomad, and you’re bound to find someone to connect with.

Making Friends If You Work Remotely

Repotting will elevate the friendship from work bae to full-fledged bud. Working from home has its advantages, but a sense of community is not one of them. Still, feeling connected at work is necessary for our fulfillment in our jobs and lives. Research finds, for example, that people with friends at work are more satisfied with and perform better at their jobs. Lonely employees, in contrast, are less productive and more likely to leave their jobs.

Ways To Make Friends When You Work From Home

A lot of people join general digital nomad Facebook groups to swap tips and travel ideas so there’s a huge chance someone in that group is in your current city . Post a message and see how many other people could be living right next door and are ready to meet up. Just because you don’t have to meet in person, doesn’t mean you never should. As a leader, you can aim to have your teams work together in person at least some of the time, if possible.

  • I’m in Mexico City groups for digital nomads and remote workers.
  • Instead of using it to replace relationships, it’s possible to leverage it to augment them.
  • Imagine if you couldn’t drop by a co-worker’s desk during your very first job, or go out for drinks after work with your colleagues.

If you regularly bring your laptop to a coffee shop to get work done, observe your surroundings. If you live in the same area as a co-worker, you can hang out with them — safely and socially distanced, if need be — even if you both work at home.

How Video Technology Is Shaping The Workplace Of

Whether it’s yoga or workshops to help you scale your business, you’ll be able to meet people with shared interests and goals. What can 20-somethings do to form meaningful friendships in the face of all this? “Try to structure your social life so that people don’t fall through the cracks,” says Roberts-Meese. Other research, meanwhile, suggests that the desire for work friends is decidedly low.

  • This final activity works a different muscle but also helps you feel good and meet amazing people.
  • Many remote companies have begun toexperiment with digital fikas and have found them vital tool for building connections.
  • Include an unstructured opportunity later in the meeting when people have gotten over their awkwardness.
  • If you live in a location without commutable access to a co-working center, start your own Meetup and bring together other telecommuters in your area.

There’s no shame in not wanting to make friends at work, but it can make things more enjoyable, says Beck. Spending that extra few minutes lingering in the Zoom room paid off so well that I plan to be the last person to leave every meeting I can. My favorite example of this practice happens at the 10-person distributed company Lawyerist, which holds regular “Taco Tuesday” lunches. Simulating the communal meal, each person order tacos from their favorite local restaurant. It’s completely optional to join, but anyone who comes and shows their tacos gets the cost of the meal covered by the company. To practice this yourself, schedule a short time to chat with a colleague or classmate about non-work topics during the week.

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In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we highlight tips from writer Meena Thiruvengadam on how remote workers can build valuable friendships. Speaking of using local Facebook groups to find teammates, you’ll also have success making friends if you put yourself out there on expat or digital nomad groups. Post about your recent arrival and enthusiasm to meet up along with a few ideas of what you want to do. Think happy hour, exploring the farmer’s market, or even just lurking at the dog park, the like-minded people who also just arrived will jump at the chance to meet in real life. From personal experience living in Buenos Aires,the BsAs Girlfriends Grouphelped me meet amazing BFFs in a place where I knew no one when I arrived. Your new routine, local customs and language barriers can be figured out by research and through exploring, but one big piece to the puzzle takes a different kind of approach.

It might be as simple as noticing something they did well at the office and sending them a quick message of appreciation or congratulations. Find the latest goofy work-related holiday (there are national employees’ days, national boss’s day, and even a national accounting day), and send someone a note or e-card to celebrate. It doesn’t cost anything, and it lets a colleague know you were thinking of them. There is often someone in every office who makes a point of celebrating people’s birthdays, sending cards to people who are ill, or bringing in donuts. When you’re all working remotely, though, it is harder to have those little celebrations. That is just one more reason that can make working from home can feel a little lonelier. Instead, most of the engagements you have with people at work are scheduled.

Despite the obvious benefits, making friends in the workplace is far from straightforward — you won’t rise to popularity by sharing your morning snack or offering a page from your new coloring book. On a scheduled in-person day, make a plan with your new office friend to check out a new French fry shop in your area, or a brunch place down the block. Check the schedule and see who else is working that day, and if your coworker thinks you’d all click, ask if they’d like to come along. The same thing applies if the roles are reversed, and you’re the one who’s introducing the newbie to potential office friends. Don’t set your sights higher than a three- or four-person hangout, as that could make others in the office feel excluded, especially if you’re working on a team that rarely goes in-person. Use the shared kitchen area to meet new people, talk about their jobs, make conversation about their interests or favorite snacks, etc. From Slack messages and Facebook groups to dating apps and virtual calls, remote workers may be more connected than ever yet still feel the pangs of isolation.

If you’re all remote, just extend your ice cream-eating and TV-watching into a group chat form, and see if you all click. Once you’ve made two or three emerging work friendships, it’s time to move on to step four. Lastly, when living in Germany expat organizations or US professional organizations located abroad were helpful in fostering friendship with other women with similar mindsets. In a group of four we worked from different areas in Europe .

Language meetups – informal social meetups where the focus is improving language skills. I think the most important thing is to settle and ease yourself in. It took me a year to settle in and to make a few friends a long the way. So I think tack on the immediate plans at the end of that first meaningful conversation and I bet it would go a long way.

At the end of the hour, we used the comments box to talk about what we each worked on, but also how we were coping with these strange times. When the lockdowns ended, I found two writing partners, and they’ve now become my close friends. Those bits of personal information give people a chance to find ways that they overlap with you. That creates opportunities to have more personal conversations with people and for them to comment on areas of common interest. In addition, by displaying a bit more of your nonwork self, you make yourself feel more approachable than if every aspect of what you do is strictly professional. Try to use your real or virtual background in video meetings to provide some clues to your identity. If you’re using a virtual background, select pictures that say something about your interests or hobbies.

Live In A Coliving Space

It’s not embarrassing, desperate or clingy to ask someone if they want to get a drink or coffee, even if it’s over a video call. Choose a milestone, like a big project or deadline, or perhaps the start of a new venture as your launching point for a prospective hangout. If you’re close enough to meet in real life, you can also plan something like picking up your favorite ice cream flavors and watching a reality show while texting about it. The options are entirely dependent upon the friendship you’re choosing to forge, and there’s no one way to go about making a new friend. Pretty much all companies have a “random” or a “break room” Slack channel, but anyone who frequents it knows that the environment feels much more controlled than in real life. Often, you’ll notice that your work Slack is used for non-problematic small talk featuring memes, inside jokes, or gossip vaguely related to the office.

If you’re a manager, set the stage for your employees to get to know each other. Start every call with something that helps team members learn about each other. When hosting a team meeting via a conference line, open the line how to make friends when you work from home 10 minutes early and leave it open for 10 minutes after the call ends so that team members can chat if they want to. It is important to try to negotiate a little time to spend with colleagues to get to know them as people.

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