Owner Financing Through Wrap-Around Mortgages!


This month, we’re going to focus on:

     ✅Refinance without using your own CASH and get an interest payment every month.
     ✅Learn how to do wrap-around.
     ✅What title company will work with you.
     ✅What paperwork you will need.
     ✅What lenders to use.
     ✅Benefits of using these techniques.
     ✅Learn how to qualify the buyers.
     ✅Learn how to use loan processing and escrow companies.
     ✅How to find a deal and Fix it.


Meet Marilyn Phipps:

– Owner & Founder of Su Casa University
– Sold over 100 houses within 24 months (wholesale, subject-to, and owner finance)
– Rehab 25+ houses
– Owns 30 rentals
– Teaches wholesale classes
– Established 1-on-1 coaching program
– Established Su Casa – VA System


She is originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras – Central America. She moved to the USA in 1997 looking for new opportunities. From 1997 to 2012, Marilyn spent time in New Jersey and later moved to Houston where she jumped from job to job. She became certified as a tax preparer.

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